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IEI Unit: Lessons from the natural world

Overview: Students will learn how to cultivate an understanding of their own identity and relationships with others. They will explore the reciprocal relationship between us (humans) and plants. They will observe how their emotions or feeling change as their understanding of the world around them grows.

National Art Standards:

Creating:VA: Cr 1.2.6a

Formulating an artistic investigation of personally relevant content for creating art.

Responding: VA: Re 7.2.7a

Analyze multiple ways that images influence specific audiences.

Connecting: VA: Cn 11.1.8a

Distinguishing different ways art is used to represent, establish, reinforce, and reflect group identity.


  • Students will be able to effectively analyze the work of Daniel Minter (zoom guest) that focuses on personal identity. They will use this knowledge to create their own works of art through printmaking techniques.

  • Students will be able to show their understanding of how lino block printing works by creating prints of their "key"- representing personal connection/ identity.

  • Students will be able to create a print that is inspired by the natural world that communicated their response to the nature walk activity.

I have 8 45 minute lessons:

intro to unit...artist visit over zoom...nature walk by church gardens- naming activity..."key" designs

ACTIVITY #1: Intro to unit and Robin Kimmerer video

Robin Kimmerer discusses the connections we make to objects or things that we name. This is the basis of our naming activity that we will do in the gardens.

(8:10-9:40 what does “land” mean?


ACTIVITY #2: Artist talk with Daniel Minter (zoom)

We will review Daniel's work the class before and discuss his themes and big ideas. Daniel will be demoing his lino block carving process as well as talking about his influences and how his childhood memories shape his work. He will also discuss the idea of narratives in art and how images change meaning based off of how they are arranged or what they are next to.

ACTIVITY #3: Nature walk in church gardens and naming activity

further discussion on personal connections and how to deepen them

The instructions for this activity are as follows...

ACTIVITY #4 "Key" designs

One on one check ins, design approvals, independent work time.

END OF UNIT ASSESSMENT: QUIZ- vocabulary, process, safety procedures



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