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1st-3rd Create your own Alebrijes!

Overview: Students will be able to understand the history of alebrijes and see how they are made in the disney movie Coco. They will use this knowledge to create their own personal Alebrije drawing.

National Art Standards:

Creating: Va: Cr 1.2.2

Make art with various materials and tools to explore personal interests, questions, and curiosities.

Responding: Va: Re 8.1.2

Interpret art by identifying the mood suggested by a work and describing relevant subject matter and characteristics

Connecting: Va: Cn 11.1.2

Compare and contrast cultural uses of artwork from different times and places


  • Students will be able to effectively analyze the work of Disney's Coco that focuses on Dia De Los Muertos and Alebrijes. They will use this knowledge to create their own Alebrijes using patterns and incorporating fantasy elements like horns, fangs, wings, ect.

  • Students will be able to show their understanding of the elements that go into creating an Alebrije by creating their own. They will focus on emotions and the characteristics that goes with them... Examples include circles representing soft and nice characters while spikes and sharp points are often used on "the bad guys."

This project took 4 30 minute classes...

Intro: discussion on "Pepita" and how she was made for Coco (the main Alebrije in Coco)

Histories of Alebrijes Video, Alebrijes in Coco video, teacher example, assignment overview, worktime (they needed 3 full workdays to complete this project).

Activity #1: Intro- Histories of Alebrijes video and Alebrijes in Coco video

Introduce Alebrijes and their use in Coco. Discuss symbols of different animals in Mexican Folk Lore/ Art (Jaguar=strength)

Vocabulary: Fantasy Alebrijes Symbols Mexican Folk Lore/Folk Art

Activity #2 Creating Alebrije Designs

Materials needed: paper, patterned cardstock, pencil, sharpie, markers, scissors, glue stick, drawing guide (images of Alebrijes found on google).

Start off with reviewing the expectations of the assignment that were given at the end of last class. The requirements include full color, cardstock for background, use of patterns and fantasy elements, spanish writing. The students will get the rest of the class to start their creations. One of one check ins with each student as they work.


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