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I am a Milwaukee based ceramics artist, florist, and art educator. I studied at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics  and went back to school for a certification in art education which was completed in 2021. As a ceramicist, I am heavily inspired by the natural world, animals, and floral prints, which I recreate through different glaze combinations and finishes. I try to look at the world through a different light, allowing myself to explore what it truly means to be human. 

I have been working with flowers since 2013 and specialize in wedding and event arrangements. I love exploring the natural material of flowers and creating bouquets and arrangements. 


What I'm up to now

 I have exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Milwaukee such as, Yours Truly Studio, Moxie Studio, the UWM Union Art Gallery, and Kenilworth Square East. While at UWM, I was president of the student ceramics origination (CASA) and was involved in other activities like community involvement and managing a studio space.  I am currently an artist in residence at Yours Truly studio where I am responsible for organizing and facilitating community events, maintaining a professional studio practice, and working with fellow artist in the community. 

I am currently an artist and  educator- things that are very important to me. The values that I bring to my studio space are one of openness and acceptance. Chaos is my only state of mind, and art is the way I deal with that! Art is a way that my students can work through life's emotions and feelings... we are all human beings just trying to learn and create beautiful and meaningful work. 

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