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Welcome to my professional blog- get to know Ms. Burrows!

Danielle Burrows

Eucalyptus & Co.

Yours Truly Studio

Milwaukee, WI

Instagram: eucalyptus__co


I am a Milwaukee based ceramic artist and am studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics and will be getting certified in art education by 2021. I am heavily inspired by the natural world, animals, and floral prints, which I recreate through different glaze combinations and finishes. My work focuses on the small insignificant things in life, things that often go unnoticed by others. I try to look at the world through a different light, allowing myself to explore what it truly means to be human. My work is a reflection of my subconscious, often embodying change and transformation through fragile forms. My pieces often capture moments of tension and uncertainty; moments to be thankful for and moments I wish never happened- a way to better understand the relationship I have to my past.

I have exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Milwaukee such as, Yours Truly Studio, Moxie Studio, the UWM Union Art Gallery, and Kenilworth Square East. While at UWM, I was president of the student ceramics origination (CASA) and was involved in other activities like community involvement and managing a studio space. I am currently an artist in residence at Yours Truly Studio where I am responsible for organizing and facilitating community events, maintaining a professional studio practice, and working with fellow artist in the community.

I am currently an artist, student, and educator- all things that are very important to me. The values that I bring to my classroom are the values I embody in order to be a successful artist and student. Chaos is my only state of mind, and art is the way I deal with that! I believe it's important to share with your students certain life struggles to make them realize we all have obstacles to go through in life. We are all human beings just trying to learn and create beautiful and meaningful artwork. My goals as an educator focuses mostly on my students thriving and manifesting their version of a perfect reality. My classroom is a sanctuary that allows my students to feel safe and respected.


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